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America’s Most Liberal Mayor Facing Up to 10 YEARS IN PRISON!!


Leave it to Obama’s hometown Mayor Rahm Emanuel to come out and defend sanctuary cities and harboring illegal aliens. Mayor Emanuel had the nerve to say that Chicago would “always be a sanctuary city”. Maybe Mayor Emanuel has forgotten that we already have laws in place for illegal immigration but they just weren’t enforced by President Obama.

Donald Trump built his winning campaign around deporting illegals, especially low-life criminals and drug dealers. Mayor Emanuel should know better than to speak out publicly that as mayor, he is willing to continue to break the law when it comes to illegal immigrants. Maybe when President Trump cuts federal funding for sanctuary cities, Mayor Emanuel will rethink his idealism and possibly whether or not his prison sentence.


H/T I Have The Truth:

I dont’ think it’s very wise of Mayor Emanuel to want to go head-to-head with Donald Trump when it comes to illegal immigration. Donald Trump’s campaign promise was to deport millions of illegals and block federal funding for sanctuary cities. Trump has also promised to build a wall along the Mexican border.

The law is on the side of Donald Trump. It’s called the Immigration Reform Act and it was passed over 20 years ago. The sad thing is Obama just didn’t enforce the law. It is illegal for anyone to harbor aliens, including even Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Here’s Mayor Emanuel:

Here’s Donald Trump earlier campaigning on funding sanctuary cities:

Trump said he would block funding! It would be no more!  He added, “We will end the sancturary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. Cities that refuse to cooperate will not receive federal funding!!!!

Get that Mayor Emanuel!?  Americans have voted. They voted to restore law and order. They voted for implementing our current laws!

Mayor Emanuel wasn’t the only mayor speaking out on immigration and sanctuary cities:

Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, New York, etc. – basically all those mayors came out to say they are willing to continue breaking the law when it comes to illegals.

Well, guess what? Protecting undocumented illegals is ILLEGAL! Donald Trump WILL stop funds for sanctuary cities! In addition, Trump will enforce the current laws and will prosecute those, including Mayor Emanuel, who break the law! Federal law TRUMPS state law!

Buckle your seats! It’s going to get interesting!!!








ONE BILLION goes from welfare, idealism will get comprised

transportation welfare, food stamps, lwaw enformcement,

defund sanctuary cities.

Defy orders from president-elect, Donald Trump.

follow federal law – prohibits sant cities – never followed under Obama.

Mayors – follow the law. Vast majority – fllow the law. you can’t pick and choose any more. Federal law – Immigration Reform Act – passed over 20 years ago.

It’s a Harboring Aliens Act. – conceals harbors – in prison – Dept of Justice – start prosecuting.



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