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Actor Who Played “Zod” in Batman vs Superman: “Seniors Voting For Trump, it’s Time for the Urn”


Read all the crazy things this Hollywood actor is encouraging people to do! What do you think it is about liberal Hollywood that causes this type of thinking?

Actor Michael Shannon is just a bit upset that Trump will be the next President and he had some obnoxious words to say about it in a recent interview.

He would be willing to disown his own parents and family members if they had voted. He encouraged the interviewer to do just that! And wishing seniors voting for Trump should die? Is that pathological?

He is confident that Trump will destroy the world as we know it.

Read for yourself:

I was going to avoid talking about this, but I suppose it’s unavoidable.
No, it’s unavoidable. It should be talked about constantly. It should be the only thing anyone talks about.

There’s not even a way to talk to the other side. You may want to share something on Facebook, but the algorithms only allow people to see the news they want.
The wall isn’t between the U.S. and Mexico; the wall is between people who voted for Trump and people who didn’t. And we’ve got to do something about it. I don’t want to live in a country where people voted for Trump. I want to live in some other f—ing country. But I don’t want to run away. So we’re just going to have to bust this thing up.

Michael Shannon as General Zod in 'Man of Steel.' Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Michael Shannon as General Zod – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

I’m not even sure how to bust things up. We have to invent a new way.
There’s a lot of old people who need to realize they’ve had a nice life, and it’s time for them to move on. Because they’re the ones who go out and vote for these assholes. If you look at the young people, between 18 and 25, if it was up to them Hillary would have been president. No offense to the seniors out there. My mom’s a senior citizen. But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.

My parents voted for Trump and I’m still not sure how to talk to them about that.
F— ’em. You’re an orphan now. Don’t go home. Don’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t talk to them at all. Silence speaks volumes.

Do you have relatives who voted for him?
Thank god no one in my immediate family would ever remotely consider voting for Trump.

Shannon goes on to berate American citizens, especially those in Kentucky, who voted for Trump.

Read the rest here at

If nothing else, the historic Trump win has sent liberals off the cliff! it’s fun to watch them squirm.

With everyone soooo serious lately – how about a little comic relief? The Flipside with Michael Loftus makes fun of Joseph Clancy, the head of the secret service. This is one of the funniest skits I have ever seen. With Barack Obama heading out the door, maybe the Secret Service will finally get their act together! If not, Donald Trump will have to say, “You’re Fired!”

Hilarious! Watch:

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