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Wonder What This Guy Did to Get Cops to Smash His Face Into Windshield? [VIDEO]


In 2014 Pete Smith had an encounter with Lorain, OH cops that resulted in his face colliding with the windshield of a police cruiser. The windshield was broken. Smith was arrested.

Smith is now suing the police department for “police brutality” two years after the incident.

The video doesn’t paint a good picture for the cops. It’s difficult to see what Smith did that could have caused the officers to slamming into the car as obviously happened.

On the day the incident occurred, police were patrolling near an elementary school after the narcotics Bureau received a drug complaint. A Lorain detective who was familiar with Smith from a number of previous drug encounters spotted him crossing the street and headed toward the school, so he stopped Smith.

The detective saw Smith swallow something he was holding in his hand which could’ve been a bag of heroin or cocaine. Officers handcuffed Smith after watching him swallow the substance.

An officer arrived to transport Smith and as he was escorting him to the police cruiser Smith began pushing against the officer with his body and a quick struggle ensued. As they got closer to the police car the officer said, “Smith made an abrupt push against me increasing his resistance. I push forward to counter his quick forceful pressure.”

At that point Smith’s face bounced off the windshield of the cruiser.

No drugs were found on Smith, or in his system.

Smith’s attorney denies his client was ever combative with officers and will certainly make a case that Smith was arrested for “walking while black.”

While no drugs were found on Smith in 2014, he’s currently being held at the Community Based Correctional Facility after he was arrested and charged with trafficking heroin in May of this year.

Was that police brutality? You make the call. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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