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WATCH! Woman Describes SHOCKING Account Of Being GROPED By Hillary In Airplane Bathroom!


She says that she was a young journalist when Hillary forcibly blocked her in the bathroom…  #HillaryGropedMe

This girl was a young, blonde, attractive journalist, who allegedly was traveling to try to make a living in the news world.

Her video sounds exactly like the others we have heard recently, with the accused being Donald Trump.

These young women were just trying to do a good job as professionals in a man’s world, while, according to them, the rich, powerful Donald Trump groped them, kissed them, and inappropriately touched them in a forcible, unwelcome way.

Isn’t it interesting that they all have come out of the woodwork in October of an Election year? They must love America SO MUCH that now is the best time to break their silence?

Or, perhaps, they are part a Clintonesque smear campaign. An October Surprise?

So far, no proof whatsoever has been presented to vet or verify the claims of these women. It is truly their word against Trump’s, with the allegations being many years old.

Again, I raise the question: How is this blond girl’s account of Hillary groping her any different? Can she prove it happened? Can Hillary prove that it did not happen?

Watch her terrifying alleged story below:

Something tells me that this girl and whoever is behind the #HillaryGropedMe video had a lot of fun with it. Her dramatic rendition is no different than the others we have seen in the news lately.

Actually, there are two differences.

Gloria Allred did not appear in the video, and…

This blonde does not have ties to the Clinton Foundation. At least none that we are aware of.



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