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Woman Claims Haunted House ‘Beat’ And ‘Waterboarded’ Her!


There exists in San Diego, a ‘haunted’ house that is labeled by many as the worlds scariest haunted house attraction.


The customer admittance is extremely limited, which makes this popular haunt one of the most exclusive in the country. It’s owned and ran by Russ McKamey, who had spent over $500,000 to deck out his home to meet the standards of any ‘Leather Face’ wannabe. Admittance requires a background check, a signed waiver, and some nerve because at ‘Mckamey Manor’, they like to take a more ‘hands on’ approach to haunting.

Which brings us to a woman, Amy Milligan, who claims the manor ‘tortured’, ‘beat’, and ‘waterboarded’ her, leaving her emotionally broken.

The odd part of Milligan’s claim is that on the exit interview, which is given as participants leave the Manor, gave a more than positive exit interview about the experience. She even seemed happy about her experience, but according to her it was only because she wanted them to make a video of her tour – so she would have proof of what happened to her, she told reporters.

She claims that at one point, she was forced to lie down in a shallow pool of water with her hands tied and a cage over top of her, claiming that the paid actors whose job was to give the ‘torture’ experience, continually pushed her head down under the water, even when she begged them to stop.

‘I’m going to die here, I’m going to drown, my hair is wrapping around my neck and I start freaking out. I’m telling them I can’t breathe and they’re just laughing and doing it more.’

Claiming that the whole experience left her completely broken, she said, ‘I cry over every little thing. If I hear about McKamey Manor, I freak out.


McKamey has insisted that participants are well aware of what they are getting into – and also strongly denied that they incorporated waterboarding in the experience. He went on to explain that a small fringe of those that participate, ignore all the warnings that are clearly stated in the waiver, and then turn around and accuses the haunted house of performing real torture on them.


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