Witnesses Horrified To See What Was Left In Islamic Woman’s Bag Inside Bathroom Stall

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After a Muslim woman left a public toilet in a hurry, bystanders hustled in to use the restroom before continuing on with their busy day. However, their mood changed in an instant when horrified onlookers noticed what the lady had left wrapped in a plastic bag in one of the toilets.

Hillary’s promised to permanently resettle one million Muslim migrants in the U.S. during her first term! And with each passing day, we find that they are instead proactively perpetuating the very oppression and violence they claim to be fleeing.

Just after she gave birth in a public restroom in Khujand, an unidentified woman simply wrapped her “trash” a healthy infant’s head, in a plastic bag, hoping to suffocate it. Then, she dumped the helpless baby in the toilet to die in a puddle of human waste. This woman isn’t even human!

Fortunately, the baby was spotted before the bag ran out of oxygen.shocked rescuers are seen ripping the bag from the baby’s face, which prompted a burst of hearty cries. Bystanders said that it was an absolute miracle that the infant survived with such a limited amount of air and that the baby couldn’t have been in the hole for more than afew minutes.


A newborn baby was dumped in the cesspit of a public toilet with a plastic bag wrapped around its head in a bid to stop people hearing its desperate cries.

The little one was spotted and incredibly survived after a passerby staged a dramatic rescue operation.

The baby had been spotted inside the toilet by a man using the facility and he quickly raised the alarm, calling neighbours to help.

A video of the rescue operation, taken by an eyewitness with a smartphone, shows two men using long metal poles to pull the baby out of the cesspit in the city of Khujand in north west Tajikistan.
The rescuers then rip the plastic bag and plastic wrapping from the baby’s face and it immediately starts to cry.

Of course, bleeding-heart liberals still cling to the propaganda that these migrants are fleeing persecution.This so called “mother” must be very mentally deranged to be able to do that to her own child! Why would you inflict so much pain on your baby? And this is the very culture leftists say is equal to our own and should be tolerated and embraced?! Good gosh, it’s appalling to imagine what our country will look like once we are flooded with more of these heartless shells of a human being, who embrace this barbaric ideology.

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