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Will There Be an FBI Agent Mutiny over Letting Hillary Get off Scott Free? Maybe.


There was a time – not so long ago – when becoming an FBI agent was the ultimate achievement and law enforcement. Their crest reads “Fidelity Bravery Integrity.”


James Comey, current Director of the FBI has laid waste to the reputation of the FBI. Those three magic words on their crest no longer apply to the FBI.

Integrity? The Director of the FBI sold his soul to the Clinton Crime Family while hundreds of senior agents and thousands of other agents stood by and watched. “Integrity” no longer applies to anyone who carries an FBI badge.

Bravery? When thousands of agents are willing to go home at night knowing their Director has broken the law and has sanctioned criminal activity that puts the nation’s security at risk, no one who carries an FBI badge is entitled to be thought of as brave. Director Comey and everyone involved in the Clinton investigation are rank cowards.

Fidelity? I doubt there’s no longer an agent or an employee of the FBI who can even spell the word alone defined it.

There are rumors on the street that veteran FBI agents are considering a coming-out party to criticize Director Comey. Will have to see about that.

Agents involved in the investigation, agreeing to speak without attribution, say Comey tied the hands of investigators by agreeing to unheard of ground rules and other demands by Clinton lawyers that limited their investigation.

Comey did not insist on a grand jury where the leverage could be applied to compel testimony and seize evidence. Instead, Comey allowed immunity for key witnesses, including targets of the investigation. There was more than just immunity, there were side deals to the immunity including limiting searches of computer drives and agreeing to destroy the computers once the investigation was over.

In a typical immunity agreement, the immunity only stands if they immunize person tells the complete truth. In the Clinton email investigation immunized witnesses suffered chronic lapses in memory, made unsubstantiated claims of attorney-client privilege, and lied. FBI Director Comey gave them a complete pass.

The cherry on top of this mess was the deal at Comey cut with Hillary Clinton, allowing her to be considered a “voluntary” witness. He allowed her Chief of Staff – a potential target of the investigation – to sit in on the interview, he allowed Clinton to testify without being sworn, no video record or transcription was made of the interview.

The FBI question Clinton for just 3 ½ hours and despite “not being able to recall”on at least 40 occasions she wasn’t callback for questioning. Three days later Comey declared her “pure as new snow, and still a virgin.”

In what has to be the understatement of the century, one agent – unnamed, of course – in the Washington field office said, “the Director is giving the Bureau a bad rap with all the gaps in the investigation. There’s a perception the FBI has been politicized and let down the country.”

Really? A perception?

Let me clear that perception up for you. If you work for the FBI in any capacity, the first impression that any American should have coming in contact with you is that you are for sale, cheap, that you were chosen for the job because you’ve never managed to show integrity in anything you’ve done in your entire life, and let you cheat on your spouse on a regular basis with small furry animals.

If you work for the FBI, you are proven, worthless, piece of crap until you prove differently. You can thank your Director for that.

As far as a “mutiny”of agents, I believe it when I see it I’m not holding my breath.

And one last note, Director Comey, I understand weasels are filing a class action lawsuit against you. When they do you should take their first settlement offer because the win in a heartbeat.


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