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WIKILEAKS SURPRISE: Tim Kaine & Clinton’s Chief Campaign Strategist Joel Benenson are Next!


WikiLeaks Tweeted Sunday that they have a big surprises in store for Tim Kaine as well as chief Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson.

So far, WikiLeaks has presented a trove of damaging information about Hillary Clinton and Co., but they are working to show these next leaks to be a bit “extra special!”

I cannot wait! So far WikiLeaks has failed to disappoint!

Breitbart reports:

“@benensonj We have a surprise for you #JBSurprise,” Wikileaks tweeted at chief Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson.


Wikileaks used the same “surprise” language with Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile and Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine last week putting them on notice for future leaks.

Wikileaks repeated the threat with a tweet aimed at Meet the Press and Kaine, saying, “@MeetThePress @timkaine We have a surprise for @TimKaine #TKSurprise.”

Kaine addressed one of the emails from the John Podesta leaks that said Kaine was notified of his nomination for the vice presidency in 2015 while on Meet the Press Sunday, The Hill reports.

“The one that referred to me is flat-out incorrect,” said Kaine.

Yeah right, Tim Kaine!! Incorrect my butt! Y’all lie like children. You have priors! The Democrat party has been acting like thugs and criminals for decades and now thanks to Julian Assange and James O’Keefe we are now getting the hard evidence!

The whole house of cards is falling down and the first thing these liberals do is deny and lie. Donna Brazille got caught handing Hillary debate questions and what did she do? She lied! She denied!

But we have the evidence! Julian Assange is not making up these emails on his smart phone. They are real!

We have said goodbye to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We are going to say goodbye to her temporary replacement Donna Brazille.

Who knows what will be in store for Tim Kaine and Joel Benenson, but WikiLeaks is sure making it look juicy! I have not seen them exaggerate yet!

Gotta love some Louder with Crowder:

WikiLeaks Tweeted Sunday that they have a big surprises in store for Tim Kaine as well as chief Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson.


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