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BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks Exposes Hillary’s Substance Abuse Problem


In the latest Wikileaks email dump, one of Hillary Clinton’s most closely held secrets has been revealed! She is a drunk!

Now that explains some things for sure! Hillary Clinton having an alcohol problem would account for some of the odd behavior we have seen lately!

Wikileaks show that ABC News reporter Amy Chozick says that the one thing that surrised er the most covering Hillary was that “She likes to drink.”.

TheAngryPatriot reports:

In another of many damning releases by Wikileaks, one of Hillary Clinton’s deepest and most closely held secrets seems to have bubbled to the surface. In responding to a question posed by ABC News about what surprised her in covering Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, reporter Amy Chozick responded, “She likes to drink.” With this revelation a plethora of questions about Clinton’s health and her many belligerent tirades are raised.

In the latest Wikileaks email dump, one of Hillary Clinton’s most closely held secrets has been revealed! She is a drunk!

While many have posited that Hillary Clinton’s many health irregularities may be signaling a more serious underlying disease, with this information one has to consider the notion that Hillary Clinton may have an alcohol problem. In fact, all of the incidents that have led to the many questions surrounding Clinton’s health can be explained by alcoholism.

You will want to read the rest of the story!

We already knew that she got stupid drunk with Senator John McCain. She admitted it:

Hillary and her severe health issues have come to a boiling point, but they don’t seem to keep her down. The real problem is that the office of President is a very grueling one. When was the last time we DIDN’T see a president totally grey in the White House?

From her seizures to coughing, her freezing to falling, the evidence is insurmountable that she has serious health issues!

Of course, if she drinks a lot, chances are the old hippy herself also hits the bong! THAT would explain the serious coughing issue! That has been my contention for a very long time now!

Unless it is a ploy, the only other reason I know for having continual uncontrollable coughing fits would be smoking weed. #JustSayin


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