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Everything that the Democrats and Clinton do is based on the fact that THEY must control the narrative. That includes any news on National polls and that Hillary is ahead in the polls. But what if the polls were really about Democrats “oversampling” to create the illusion that Hillary Clinton was winning, would you STILL believe the polls?

Let’s face it. The real truth is Hillary has had a very hard time getting people to rallies. A lot of her events have been held in high school gymnasiums, where they have to create the illusion that the crowd is BIG! Did you ever really notice the MSM never shows an actual visual or shot of the actual crowd?

Clinton’s lucky if she can draw a few hundred people compared to the several hundred thousands that Donald Trump usually draws.  The MSM doesn’t want the American people to know the truth about Hillary’s crowds at her rallies, just like they don’t want you to know the real truth about Clinton and the polls. Clinton knows if the MSM pushes the LIE long enough eventually people will start believing the lie. Just look at Benghazi.


H/T American Thinker:

WikiLeaks just dropped a Democratic Party memo demanding an “oversampling” plan of all the demographic districts in the country.  But “oversampling” is a lie.  All of statistics is based on “random” sampling, which means that any voter in the population has an equal chance of being sampled, regardless of their party affiliation.

Without random sampling, the fundamental math basis of statistics goes kablooey.  Oversampling one side or the other is an invitation to make false conclusions, and any decent scientist or statistician avoids biased sampling like the Black Plague.  No scientific journal in the world would accept an article based on biased sampling.

Like so many Demo-mafia tactics, this one counts on voter laziness.  The Media Apparatus understands perfectly well that a single big headline, “Hillary ahead by 15 points,” sways more votes than a thousand statistical details down in the small print.  Radio and TV talking heads only read the headlines.  They’ve never learned anything else, and they care too much about their hairdos.  Gotta be perfect.

To save appearances, therefore, polling organizations will actually tell you in their small print that Democrats in the poll were “oversampled” by 15 percent or whatever.  This is like a shyster lawyer asking you to be sure to read the fine print, knowing damned well that you don’t have the time or the law school education needed to understand it.

It’s all on the up and up, see?

We now have direct evidence of Democrat-media coordination (see here, for example).  The Mafia Media don’t even bother to hide their mega-corruption, not very much.  You say “oversampling” to the average voter, and his eyes roll up into his head.  But “oversampling” means lying, cheating, and vote-stealing.

It is massive, nationwide cheating, just as if all the polling machines were tampered with.

“Push polling” early in an election is a way to make Democrats feel like winners and Republicans feel like losers.  People hate to lose, especially  on important things like the fate of our country.  That tactic demoralizes Republicans and boosts Democrats.  Just look at a football stadium when one team scores big, and all the winning team’s fans celebrate.  As Saul Alinsky wrote, “always make sure your followers feel happy.” 

That’s push-polling. But in football games, you get a truthful score.

In elections, you are lied to every single day in the weeks before the election.  As Goebbels said, “repeat the same Big Lie over and over again, and people will start to believe it.

Yes. Democrats and Clinton are trying to win the narrative by telling ONE BIG LIE…that Clinton is ahead in the polls. They are relying on Americans to NOT read the tiny print that states “Democrats were oversampled” in those polls.

It’s like trying to read the tiny print by pharmaceuticals on the back of a drug prescription, or the tiny legal print at the bottom of a loan or credit card statement. It’s clearly there, we just don’t read it or many of us can’t read it.  I mean, the print is so tiny…and we are too lazy or don’t have the time to read it, so we just skim over it.

The Democrats and Clinton are hoping most Americans will do the same with the polls. Just skim over the words that say “Democrats were oversampled” in the polls.  Afterall, they don’t really want you to know the TRUTH. They just figure, if you can’t read it, you won’t read it.  They also figure if they continue the lie, eventually most Americans will believe it. The LIE is: Clinton is ahead in the polls.

Democrats don’t consider it a lie. I mean, it is in the teeny, tiny print…that Democrats were oversampled…and if you could see it, well that would be stating the obvious wouldn’t it?

In Arizona, in a recent poll, it was revealed the poll sampled 57% Democrats, 23.6% Republicans, and only 19.4% independents.

In Ohio, the latest poll found Clinton ahead in the state sampled 37.2% Democrats and 31.3% Republicans.

In North Carolina, despite 39% of the state’s voters being registered Democrats, the most recent polling in the state sampled 42% Democrats.

The fact is Democrats will lie, cheat and steal to win this election and that includes “oversampling” Democrats on polls.

Here’s Rush Limbaugh:

Rush is right. There is clear evidence that the Democrats have seen to it that the polls in this presidential cylce are oversampling Democrats.

Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to his candidacy as America’s Brexit movement– and judging by which the lengths the media is going to rig the polls against him, he may very well be right.



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