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White Teen Assaulted Over ‘Pro-Police Views.’ Media….CRICKETS


An Alabama teen lays in a hospital in critical condition, and his mother wants it labeled as a hate crime. Why you may wonder? Because her little boy was beaten within an inch of his life, and all over a couple of pro-police comments he made on Facebook.

“Not knowing if my son is going to make it to his 18th birthday this month, I don’t know if anybody can understand what that feels like,” Allen said.
She says he was targeted for posting pro police comments on Facebook, after some Sylacauga High School students wore Black Lives Matter shirts to school last week.

Police say he was beaten up by multiple people in an abandoned business parking lot Friday.
They acknowledge growing racial tensions at the school could have played a part in this assault.

“I want to see them in jail, this most certainly is a race issue, it’s a hate crime.” Allen said.

Police have not made any arrests yet. However Police confirm there have been race related issues within the high school and believe it’s possible that this assault was related to issues seen in the school system.

We don’t want to speculate before facts are in like #BlackLivesMatter usually does. But this does look like their M.O. Or at least the M.O. of BLM sympathizers.

The difference here is while we’re still waiting for some facts, while there are no witnesses, though it seems the motive is racial, no one is protesting. Media isn’t covering this story wall-to-wall. A white teenager was beaten nearly to death. There are racial tensions at his high school. Based on what we know, this looks to be a racial “hate” crime. Yet suddenly the media is rather silent.


Probably because he’s white. Probably because his attackers were black. Wrong narrative!

If this kid had been black… if he had been allegedly beaten nearly to death by white teens…. it would have been WALL-TO-WALL COVERAGE. Protests. The president would practically claim the victim as his surrogate son.

But since he’s white? Nothing. Think about that.

Hypocritical police-haters express their hatred with violence over someone with a different opnion, and then claim that people owe them somthing because their ancestors were opressed! What about the people they are currently opressing? If they express their opnions they get put 6 feet under!

Also think about how most of Black Lives Matter cases are pure propaganda.


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