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Watch Rudy Giuliani School Clueless Mark Cuban on Hillary’s Lies – ON LIVE TV!


You have to admit the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was pretty polarizing. But the bigger and more heated event was really between billionaire Mark Cuban and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Talk about feeling some heat.

First, I think businessman Mark Cuban must be setting himself up for something special with Clinton and the Shark Tank. Then, there’s former Mayor Giuliani who we all know has had the utmost respect for all law enforcement, especially since 9-11.  Let’s face it – There is ONLY one candidate that will help “Make America Great Again” and that’s Donald Trump and most intelligent Americans know it.

If you want to see Cuban get schooled by Mayor Giuliani about Hillary’s lies….Check This Out:

I agree Mayor Giuliani.  Rock on Patriot!

If Hillary Clinton couldn’t handle classified information as secretary of state, how in the HECK is she going to handle top secret information as POTUS. If she was “extremely careless” in handling documents marked with a “C” for classified, that she didn’t know meant classified, how does that make her more qualified or fit to be president? In fact, how does ANYTHING she did make her qualified or fit for to be our next POTUS?

Mark Cuban is a joke and just a shark in a tank circling for an opportunity to land a big one. Cuban would sell out America if it meant making a personal profit…like Hillary did when she sold Uranium One to Russia. Maybe Cuban and Clinton are both just two sharks from the same tank.

It’s time to #DrainTheSwamp!

Wake Up America!










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