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Watch Dr. Ben Carson UNLEASH on Mainstream Lying Media! [VIDEO]


There is NO question that the MSM is in Clinton’s campaign and is doing everything they can to destroy Donald Trump and paint HIM as the bad guy for America. But that could be NO futher from the truth. Of course, Hillary Clinton doesn’t KNOW how to tell the truth and neither does the MSM.

What’s nice to know is, there are still good people out there, like Dr. Ben Carson who WILL tell the truth when they get the chance. Former presidential candidate, Dr. Carson, recently singled out the New York Times for the lies and allegations they were spreading about Donald Trump and called it a “bunch of crap”.

H/T Western Journalism:

“It’s very disappointing because our system was set up in such a way that the press was supposed to keep the people informed so that the will of the people could direct the country. But when the press decides that they want to become biased, it completely distorts the system and this is what we’ve experienced now,” Carson said.

Dr. Ben Carson said rather than reporting news, the media is now seeking out what fits its narrative.

“There’s an atmosphere that’s been created by the New York Times and others that says ‘Look, if you’re willing to come out and say something, we’ll give you fame, w’’ll give you whatever you need’… what a bunch of crap,” he continued.

“The people have to see through this because again the train is going off the cliff. Our country is going off the cliff financially and so many other ways. If we don’t deal with this stuff now, our children are completely going to be disadvantaged and destroyed, their future will be destroyed,” he said.

I agree, Dr. Ben Carson. The MSM doesn’t KNOW how to report the REAL news. The MSM only knows how to regurgitate what the Clinton campaign and Obama want them to report – THEIR narrative.

Forget about WikiLeaks and all the Clinton lies. Forget about the REAL truth and the REAL stories. The MSM can’t talk about that. They don’t want Americans to know the REAL stories about Hillary Clinton. If the MSM reported the TRUTH, no one would vote for Clinton for president! What a shock that would be? We can’t have THAT!

What the MSM WON’T tell you….by the time most Americans figure out the REAL Hillary Clinton, the train will already be going off the cliff. Clinton and her operatives, her liberal nominations for Supreme Court, her lies, all of it will not only destroy America, but it will effect our children and our grandchildren and their REAL world.

The MSM supports Hillary Clinton for president….what “a bunch of crap”.




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