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Watch CNN Coach the Debate Focus Group [VIDEO]


CNN got caught on their own cameras last night coaching a member of its focus group about what to say following the debate. I don’t know about you but I’m shocked.

CNN’s Pamela Brown was discussing debate events with a focus group of undecided OH voters and got caught with a live microphone. She’s discussing Hillary Clinton quote from the debate where Hillary says, “that America is already great, but we are great because we are good.”

The camera cuts back to the focus group and Brown can be heard speaking to one of the participants in a very hushed tone.

Did you catch that? Brown recovered quickly to ask the woman which one of Hillary’s anti-Trump arguments impressed her the most. The woman responded almost verbatim to what Brown had said to her just moments before. “She stated that America is already great, and I tend to agree with that. Though we are slow and progressing in a number of ways, we are progressing and we need to continue the momentum.”

Let’s remember, this is supposed to be a focus group of “undecided” voters. Raise your hand if you think the woman talking to Pamela Brown was undecided when she walked in the room.

In a caller Republican Party the Stupid Party for nothing. There’s no excuse for allowing the networks and there Democratic operatives with bylines to be involved in the debates. Run the debates on C-SPAN and have moderators picked by the party. One Republican moderator and one Democratic moderator.

It’s tough when the Republican candidate has to debate the Democratic candidate and all the moderators.


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