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VIDEO: Mother Locks Son Up In Closet For ‘3 Years’ Until He’s Found Dead-Siblings Sworn To Secrecy


Yonatan Daniel Aguilar was an 11-year-old boy who was found dead, hidden in a tiny space located in a closet inside his home. His so-called Mother Verionica Aguilar was the one responsible for putting him there. But the story doesn’t just end there. Like every sick nightmare, there are sick details that fill in the spaces.

This one is going to be a rough.


The 11-year-old boy was malnourished when they found his dead body in the closest. He, his mother, and his siblings along with his step-dad lived in the Los Angeles area. According to reports, Veronica had kept Yonatan in closet for three years, keeping him sedated with sleeping aids she made him take.


Veronica Aguilar has been charged with one count of murder and a count of child abuse that lead to the death of her child. Gruesome details of Yonatan’s condition have been released in local news reports, and it’s harrowing. He weighed in just at 34 pounds when police located his body in the closest. He was also showed signs of extreme physical abuse.

The investigators working on the case believe that Yonatan was held in the closet to keep his stepfather, Jose Pinzon, from finding out where he was.

When they interviewed Pinzon and Yonatan’s siblings at the same time, he immediately, ‘confronted the children that he had no idea that minor [Yonatan] was living in the house the whole time they were there.’ Pinzon then asked the siblings why they would hide the truth from him, to which one replied:

‘You were always at work so you didn’t know.’

Pinzon, according to reports, then broke down and wept.

The boy’s siblings were aware their brother was in the closet, but they were forbidden from telling their step-father, or anyone about it. Pinzon stated, ‘I carry a photo of him in my wallet, I’m the only one that cared for him.’

Pinzon was the one that had contacted the police. Veronica had approached him and said that Yonatan had died. Pinzon had not seen Yonatan in years, as he had believed that he was sent to Mexico…

She led him to the closet, opened the door, and there Pinzon saw Yonatan, on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, malnourished, foam at the mouth, hair in patches, and sores all over his body due to lying on the tile floor. He was wrapped in a blanket, and he was dead. Aguilar then said to Pinzon, ‘I took care of the problem by ruining my life.’

Pinzon then ran out of the house and called the police.


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