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Undercover Footage Reveals: Activist Who Participated In Violent Trump Protests Is Hillary’s Payroll


Some people are way too foolish. An activist bragged about disrupting many Donald Trump campaign events in a recent Project Veritas video. Now it’s been discovered that they were on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign payroll, reveals a search of Federal Election Commission (FEC).

In a Veritas video that was just released, filmmaker and provocateur James O’Keefe re-tells his story about meeting activist Zulema Rodriguez at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In the video, Rodriguez takes full credit for the vicious protests in Chicago that forced Trump to cancel a March rally.

In the video, Rodriguez states: “So, [Aaron Black] and I did the Chicago Trump event where we shut down like all the yeah,”. Rodriguez also took credit for an Arizona protest, in March, that closed a major highway outside a Trump event.

While searching FEC records, it was revealed that Rodriguez was paid by the Clinton campaign just before she disrupted the Chicago rally. The campaign dished out $1,610.34 to her as a “payroll” expense, and also gave her a $30 payment with the only description provided being “phone.”

Both payments were dated Feb. 29, 2016, less than two weeks before the violence in Chicago. It get’s even better, those two payments are the only ones Rodriguez has ever received from the Clinton campaign. It’s not exactly clear what the payment was for, and it’s also unclear if Rodriguez was really behind the violence in Chicago or if she was simply bragging over nothing.

Keep this in mind, though, months following the incident, Rodriguez was paid handsomely by other political operations. She received a $1,108.97 travel reimbursement from Political Action in May, then in June she was paid a generous $17,500 by Stand Up For Ohio PAC as a “political consulting fee.” Stand Up For Ohio PAC is itself heavily funded by MoveOn. Is all this to much to be a coincidence? You tell me. 600


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