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Trump’s missed opportunities


 Donald Trump really missed a few opportunities to not only skewer Hillary Clinton, he missed the chance to inform younger Americans.
  • When Trump answered the question, repeatedly and contentiously asked by the moderator, if he would accept the results of the election, the media went wild with condeming his answer.  Hillary screeched: That’s horrifying.  He is denigrating and he is talking down our democracy. And I, for one, am appalled that somebody who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that kind of a position.”
  • I so longed for him to say: [could he say all this in 2 minutes?]1)  First of all, Hillary, do you recall the election of the hanging chads?  Are you hereby condemning your good friend Al Gore, who contested an election all the way up to the Supreme Court, before finally conceding his defeat not until December 13? That was his right, but it is also the right of any candidate who questions the legitimacy of an election, even if it is a Republican. Despite repeated recounts, you and Al continue to say the election was stolen.2) Second, how can you possibly deny my contention that an election can be rigged, when just yesterday we saw on video Democrat operatives bragging that they have rigged elections for 55 years; that they are in the habit of busing voters from one state to another in order for them to vote multiple times; and that they now use rental cars because they are so much more difficult to track?3)  Hillary, are you aware that there is a video available on the Internet which shows many Democrats saying that Republicans have rigged elections, without any real proof provided?

    4) Hillary, will you condemn with all your heart the laws that have passed allowing illegals to sneak in a vote by not having to provide proof of their American citizenship?  Are you even aware that Amendment 15 of our Constitution states that CITIZENS can vote?  It does NOT provide a vote for illegals.  Will you condemn those counties and/or states which allow illegals to receive a drivers license and then allow those illegals to use that license as their I.D. to vote?  How about those who allow felons to vote, against the laws of America?

    5) The fact that you condemn me for expecting legitimate voting really only shows what you are willing to do to get elected: the end justifies the means.  By the way, Hillary – since Chris Wallace failed to ask you –  will YOU pledge to accept the results of the election, no matter what?

    Here is Hillary’s answer to the question to Trump about the women coming out of the woodwork to say that Trump touched them or talked dirty to them:

    “Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger,” Clinton said. “He goes after their dignity, their self worth, and I don’t think there’s a woman anywhere who doesn’t know what that feels like. We now know what Donald thinks, what he says and how he acts toward women. That’s who Donald is.

    Here is what I was waiting for him to say:

    • Hillary, we now all know how you treat women, especially the ones you called ‘bimbos’.  You set out to destroy their lives and you threatened them to remain quiet.
    • We know how your husband treated and is still treating women, and it includes true assaults and rape. Your husband actually had to pay Paula Jones around $600,000 to settle a lawsuit after he showed his favorite body part to her, allowing her to prove her charge by describing said part.  He told another woman : “You better put some ice on it”.
    • Your husband, whom you continue to enable, was disbarred from practicing law in Arkansas and was disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court over his Monica Lewinsky incident.
    • Hillary, this is what I describe as “belittling” treatment of women, especially since you have said during the campaign about those who proclaim to have been raped or assaulted: “You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you.”
    • Meanwhile, there is proof that your husband was on a pedophile friend’s “Lolita Express” 26 times, wherein he was flown to islands without Secret Service, flights during which passengers had sex with young women.

    Now, Hillary – what were you saying about my crude way of treating women?

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Karen has been writing “Conservative Corner” daily for eight years, highlighting news and events the main stream media does not cover. She’s also been a columnist for the Boyne City Gazette in Michigan, RedState and Examiner and is the author of the book, “Proud to be an American – what I want my grandchildren to know” (self-published). Karen became a Precinct Delegate and Vice Chair of her county Republican Party in response to watching the unprepared, radical Barack Hussein Obama campaign for President in 2008. Her news feed is available to all by sending a note to:


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