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Trump Says Out Loud What We’ve All Been Thinking About Hillary for Decades [VIDEO]


Without regard to the outcome of the election Donald Trump voiced one of the truest statements ever uttered at the last debate.

Those four words – “such a nasty woman” – are the perfect description of Hillary Clinton. We’ve all known it for decades and it’s about time somebody said it publicly. It’s fitting that the person to say it is Donald Trump. We all know that no other “Republican” would dare say such a thing because someone might be offended.

Hillary is a consummate liar and the media refuses to call her on. She’s been consistently lying through the debates and none of the Democratic operatives with bylines who have been “moderating” these debates have taken the time to follow up on questions where she’s clearly lying.

In the debates Trump has brought up the issue after issue. There was the violence at one of his campaign rallies in Chicago as well as other rallies around the nation that were caused by operatives of the Clinton campaign. Hillary didn’t respond.

Trump pointed out the disaster that the Middle East has become following the policies of Obama and Hillary when they refused to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement and unilaterally withdrew U.S. troops from Iraq. Hillary didn’t respond.

Trump pointed out that the administration announced months ago that Iraqi forces supported by the U.S. would attack Mosul in an effort to capture or kill ISIS leaders. All that did was give ISIS a heads up so they can get their people out of the area. Hillary didn’t respond.

Trump is been clear that he will build the wall on the southern border and deport illegal aliens. Hillary does nothing but dodge questions about her commitment to open borders.

Trump has been clear he will support the Second Amendment while Hillary has said that she will “spend every waking moment” searching for a way to ban guns. Democratic operatives in the media have yet to question her about that.

Trump will reduce taxes, Hillary is committed to raising them on “the rich” without bothering to define who “the rich” are. Let me give you a hint. The look in the mirror.

Trump is committed to nominating conservative judges and has provided lists of people he would consider for judicial appointments. It’s very likely that any one of those on Trump’s list would vote to overturn Roe v Wade while Hillary is willing to spend every waking moment making sure that Planned Parenthood can butcher babies while there being born. Gotta have those body parts you know.

Donald Trump is been clear on what he stands for. It’s an open question if Hillary can even stand without holding onto a podium. It’s also clear that while the Democratic operatives with bylines have given Barack Obama a free pass for the last seven years Hillary Clinton presidency will make press relations with Obama look downright hostile.

It’s not important to vote for Donald Trump on November 8. It’s critical. The American Dream is on the line. Four years of Hillary Clinton will find us living in a Banana Republic.


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