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Trump and Chick-Fil-A Are Teaming Up: Incredible!


You know all about Chick-fil-A if you know what a chicken is.  They are the king of chicken sandwiches.  They’re also the king of controversy and they drive the left into a suicidal rage on a reasonably routine basis.

Remember when the CEO said that “marriage is between one man and one woman”?  The left went apoplectic.  They demanded a boycott.  The major media – Democrats with bylines – carried water for the h8ers, stories about how Chick-fil-A was “homophobic” dominated the airways for days before the boycott that would put Chick-fil-A out of business.

And then this happened.

2 chick-fil-a 1

That’s right, thanks to the call for the boycott Chick-fil-A had their biggest sales day ever.  BOOM!

Well, they’re at it again.  This time they’re incurring the ire of the left by having the gall to register voters.  Can you imagine?

Hey, it’s okay for Planned Parenthood to register voters to make sure their taxpayer cash keeps flowing so they can keep butchering the unborn, but Chick-fil-A?  Why, not only are they “homophobic” they think abortion is murder!  OMG!!!

This time a homosexual “rights” group in Florida is screaming about Chick-fil-A’s voter registration drives.

“While some Democrats may occasionally dine at Chick-fil-A (and perhaps even members of the LGBT community), the coordination of Pinellas voter registration activities with this right-leaning business very clearly conveys that your office is targeting Republican-leaning voters,” Stonewall Democrats leader Susan McGrath said.

“Republican-leaning voters.”  Gosh, they might even vote for Donald Trump.  The horror of it!

Really?  I wonder if the Stonewall Democrats sponsor voter registration.  We know that Planned Parenthood does.  How about liberal groups setting up shop outside the welfare office?  Just who do you think they “target”?

Democrats hate the idea that groups with conservative values would have the audacity to participate in democracy.  Just look at what the IRS has been able to get away with in the last seven years.


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