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Traveling Protestors: Barnstorming America, Getting Folks Killed


There’s a conspiracy afoot between George Soros, #BlackLivesMatter, the media, and the Democratic Party to paint “demonstrations” like the ones we’ve seen in Ferguson and Baltimore and Charlotte as “civil rights demonstrations.” They’re not.

This is what a civil rights demonstration looks like.

4 protest 1

This is what’s happening in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte.

4 protest 2

Notice any difference?

The truth is, when #BlackLivesMatter shows up to “demonstrate” after the police shooting of a black thug black lives don’t matter. #FreeNikesMatter and #FreeTelevisionsMatter. These are not “civil rights demonstrations” they are riots and invitations to loot.

The looting and destruction are routinely defended by Democratic elected officials. Remember when the mayor of Baltimore told the police to back off and let the rioters destroy the city? And then there’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch who defended people in Charlotte, saying they were simply exercising their constitutional rights to peaceful protest. “We hear your voices and we feel your pain”

The problem is, nobody is hearing the voices or feeling the pain of hard-working local merchants who are watching their livelihood be destroyed. And nobody is hearing the voices or feeling the pain of local residents who can no longer shop near their homes because those businesses of been destroyed.

As proof that the riots and looting in Charlotte were never “civil rights demonstrations” police have noted that 70% of the people arrested were from out of state. They are bused in by #BlackLivesMatter and the buses are paid for by none other than George Soros. Soros has donated millions of dollars to #BlackLivesMatter and similar organizations.

Soros gets the “demonstrators” on the ground, riots and looting are the result, Democratic elected officials make sure their message is one of “support for civil rights,” and the media spins the story with a lie upon lie. The idea that the dead thug in question was an “honor student,” a “good boy turning his life around,” a “good family man who loved his children,” or things like “hands up don’t shoot.”

All of those themes were lies. The media – and Democratic politicians – repeated them so often stupid people actually think they’re true. And there are no shortage of stupid people.

We know Democrats and Democratic operatives in the media with bylines are not going to stop telling these lies. After all, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Certainly activist groups like #BlackLivesMatter aren’t going to stop lying, their cash flow depends on not just there lies but the size of their lies. Bigger lies = more money.

It’s long past time that Republicans give voice to those who suffer the most from the riots and looting. That would be the small business people who are trying to eek out a living in difficult neighborhoods, and the people who live in those neighborhoods. Will Republicans ever grow a spine and stand up for the real victims? Based on their performance over my lifetime I don’t have a lot of confidence in that.


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