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Thrill-Seeker Films His Jump Off Mountain Top To Fly-He Almost Made It [VIDEO]


Have you ever seen video’s of those wing-suit crazies, the people that wear the human-squirrel suits that let them glide across mountain landscapes? It looks amazing, yes, but looks incredibly dangerous too. Unlike skydiving, you are gliding extremely close to the side of a mountain, there’s even one video that shows a guy nearly missing a passing vehicle.


Well in this video, our thrill seeking, wing-suit wearing star doesn’t even come close to hitting a vehicle, no. He just crashes into the trees, and the whole thing is caught on his helmet cam.

Eric Dossantos was in France, wearing his gliding suit, and ready to to jump off a mountain in Chamonix. Being the experienced jumper he was, he flew alongside the mountainous terrain with skill…that was until he suddenly lost speed, and speed in this sport is a must if you don’t want to go crashing down.


This all happened as he was gliding above a forest area, so as he dropped, he hit a tree 20 ft up, and went falling towards the ground.

Miraculously, her was still alive, but badly injured. He laid below the trees for three hours before trail workers heard his cries for help.

He woke up that evening in Annecy Hospital with head trauma and hazy memories of the accident, a fractured shoulder and collarbone, neck lesions, three broken ribs, liver lacerations, and multiple scalp wounds. He really is lucky to be alive.


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