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That’s the Facts, Blacks


It looks like the NBA is taking #BlackLivesMatter’s protests during the national anthem to a new level. Not only are players dropping to one knee to protest “racism in America” but now the people singing the anthem are singing in on one knee.


That is Denasia Lawrence who sang the anthem prior to a preseason game in Miami. She opened her jacket just before she started to sing showing off a BlackLivesMatter shirt, and then dropped to her knee as she sang. She said it was her way of protesting racial oppression.

I suspect the Miami Heat and the NBA may be thinking it’s her way of putting NBA ratings in the tank. That assumes the NBA is smart enough to learn a lesson from what’s happening in the NFL this year with television ratings down dramatically from last year. The ratings are down so far that the NFL is having to pay for free advertising for their sponsors to make up for the ratings losses.

Lawrence said, “I didn’t get paid to sing the national anthem nor was this moment about any sort of fame. BlackLivesMatter is far larger than a hashtag, it’s a rallying cry.”

Actually Ms. Lawrence it’s a demonstration that supporters of #BlackLivesMatter don’t have a clue about racism, and gone out of their way to support thug-life in the black community, and are doing everything in their power to divide the nation by race. And they’re doing it was a very able help a Barack Obama and the so-called black leadership.

Darrell Harrison is a black man who hasn’t been sucked in by the #BlackLivesMatter incendiary rhetoric. He posted a wonderful summation of the real issues in the black community on his Facebook page.


Don’t worry about starting an argument Mister Harrison, #BlackLivesMatter and their ilk won’t argue with you, they’ll just call you a racist or an Uncle Tom or an Oreo. They won’t deal with facts. Barack Obama, the “black leadership,” and Democrats, won’t deal with facts either it’s easier to just make heroes out of thugs like Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin that it is to address the real issues that you brought up so eloquently.

With respect to the NBA, you better be paying attention to the NFL. I’m not a fan of the National Felons League but their television ratings and the polling that indicates that the reason their ratings are down so much is none other than Colin Kaepernick and his #BlackLivesMatter foolishness.

Through seven weeks of the season the NFL’s ratings appear to be down by 29%. Yahoo Sports did some polling on the reasons for the huge drop.


The NFL owners are going to pay a big price for tolerating their players disrespect for the nation.  Kaepernick and his ilk certainly have a First Amendment right to express their opinion. It’s pretty obvious that NFL owners are beginning to figure out that the rest of America has a right to express their opinion as well.

#ThugLivesMatter may play well in the ghetto but it doesn’t play well on America’s main streets.

Personally, I hope the revenue for both the NFL and the NBA tank this year. They both deserve it.


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