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Over A ‘Battle of ‘Good and Evil’, Texas Man Beheads Wife Then Stores Her Head in Freezer


An extremely mentally ill man followed his odd intuition that his 21-year-old wife’s life needed to come to an end. In what he describes as a “battle between good and evil”, this 23-year-old Texas man succumbed to the evil little devil on his shoulder. When police arrived he confessed to decapitating his wife and placing her head into their freezer.


Last Wednesday, a grand jury returned an indictment against 23-year-old Davie Dauzat, who stabbed Natasha Dauzat to death while their young children were in the next room of their Bellmead, Texas, home.

The indictment charges Davie with a single count: murder for his wife’s Aug. 25 death.

He remains in police custody on $500,000 bond.

According to the indictment, police received a call the morning of Aug. 25 from Davie’s brother, who told investigators he was worried about Davie after speaking with him on the phone. The brother told police Davie made “weird statements” during the call and asked “funny questions.”

He told police he wasn’t sure if his brother’s statements were drug-induced or serious.

Police were dispatched to the Dauzat home, but Davie refused to come out, the indictment alleges. Over time, officers were able to talk him into surrendering. Once inside the home, they found the couple’s children unharmed but drenched in their mother’s blood.

The medical examiner ruled Natasha’s cause of death due to “sharp-force injuries, including decapitation,” according to the indictment.

Davie finally admitted to police that murdering his wife may have been wrong, but later justified his actions by stating that the slaying “was a battle between good and evil,” according to the indictment.

Investigators stated that David said he’d used drugs prior to the slaying, but the indictment doesn’t list any substances besides marijuana, which he had smoked with his wife earlier that day. Hmm must have been some pretty strong marijuana…

Davie’s attorney did not return any of the calls to answer further questions. As of now, it’s unclear if Davie has entered a plea.


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