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Teen Beaten Because Blue Lives Don’t Matter to #BlackLivesMatter [VIDEO]


A white teenager in Alabama was beaten nearly to death when he was attacked after his high schools homecoming football game Friday night. A large group of thugs gathered in the parking lot and waited for him. When he walked by the gathering several black teens – thugs – assaulted the 17-year-old and nearly beat him to death.

When police arrived on the scene after the assault was over they found the young man unconscious and bleeding from his head and they took him to emergency where he was airlifted to the University of Alabama Hospital where he lies in critical condition with a broken skull.

His offense, he posted a video saying that “blue lives matter.”

Police are currently investigating the attack and investigators are interviewing witnesses who described a group of black teenagers – thugs – who were involved in the meetings. They are now persons of interest in the investigation.

Charges will be determined by the District Attorney’s Office, it’s not known if the district attorney will be consulting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The teenager had been threatened earlier in the week and according to his mother, he took evidence of those threats to the principal at his high school. Apparently school authorities did nothing.

For some reason the story has been confined to local news and apparently Barack Obama is just too busy campaigning for Hillary Clinton to note that, “if I had a son…”

I’m pretty sure if Obama had a son he be a dead ringer for one of the punks that beat this young man nearly to death for supporting his local police.


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