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Teachers In Public School Fed Students ‘Diet Of Islam’ Judge Issues Disturbing Ruling!


It is now perfectly clear that the whole “Trojan Horse” investigation was a complete sham. The UK is very accepting with the Islamization of its schools. But that’ll only be the beginning.

There were two teachers in ‘Trojan horse’ school who fed pupils a ‘diet of Islam’,(gross!) provided segregated assemblies, and ignored sex education. After they went through the “justice system” a High Court Judge determined that the men would be allowed back in classrooms to influence young students minds.

Inam Anwar and Akeel Ahmed, who taught at Park View in Birmingham and were part of WhatsApp group ‘Park View Brotherhood’, were previously banned back in February.

But a High Court judge found the teachers were apparently treated ‘unfairly’ and overturned the ban!

They claimed they were targeted after the ‘Trojan Horse’ letter was published in 2013 – which detailed a plot to introduce hardline Muslim teaching into schools.

Both men were struck off this year after a National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) panel found they exercised ‘undue religious influence’ on pupils.

The panel heard the pupils at the 600-strong secondary school were never taught about safe sex, relationships or contraception.

Anwar, the head of modern languages, and Ahmed, in charge of religious studies, were accused of changing the curriculum so sex education was not taught.

NCTL officials also said Ahmed organized religious assemblies where boys were segregated from girls.

He was also said to have encouraged prayer during the school day through posters and a call to prayer on the school’s loudspeaker system.

Both men were also accused of taking part in a WhatsApp chat that discussed the murder of soldier Lee Rigby and the Boston Marathon bombings.

They were cleared of distributing or using leaflets, promoting the view that a married man has an ‘entitlement’ to have sex with his wife.

The NCTL said their misconduct was serious and Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, agreed that they should be banned from teaching in England forever.

But for some crazy reason, Mr. Justice Phillips today ruled at London’s High Court that the men’s treatment had been ‘unjust’.

He had the nerve to say that important evidence had not been disclosed to the pair and there had been ‘serious procedural impropriety’ in the NCTL’s fact-finding process.

Upholding the pair’s judicial review challenge, he ruled their treatment had been ‘unfair’ and they were reinstated back into the profession. Good gosh if not all the evidence is out there, why not just put them on hold while they figure out the obvious? Instead, they choose to risk young children’s minds, and lives, out of political correctness and pity.


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