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Teacher Gets Punched By Her Student, Then Another Student DROPS HIM! – VIDEO


Another disgraceful video has come out showing a young male student punching his female teacher right across the face while she tried to break up a fight.


To be honest, it looks as if it was an accident because the kids hoodie was covering his face…but that is ZERO excuse for the savage behavior, and I’m not the only one who thinks so…

Another student in the classroom had witnessed what had just happened to his teacher, and jumped into action, throwing a huge hook that put the other student right on the ground!

The third student was clearly pissed that the other had laid hands on the teacher and can be heard saying:

‘Watch the f— out, you just hit the fucking teacher.’ Chill your s—, you just hit the f—ing teacher, you don’t f—ing do that. Who the f— do you think you are?’

The teacher shows up again in frame, unharmed, and tells the group to stop fighting and separate. The third student says, ‘He just f—ing hit you, that’s not cool!’, to which the teacher replies with a ‘It’s not cool,’

It seem’s as if student these days are having less and less respect for authority, or basically anyone but themselves. Take this video for example…Just disgusting!

Now here’s a classroom that was in dire need of the good samaritan kid in the first video. Sadly, it is the latter video that seems to be more the reality of most classrooms these days. So many kids are growing up without any knowledge of what respect it, nor do they think they can do anything that isn’t done for them. It’s really sad, and has been a problem for awhile now…

Thank you Obama’s America, for dumbing down the leaders of tomorrow for this nation.


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