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Stunned conservationists watch protester burst into their meeting, rant about Trump, & then vandalized their cars!


A belligerent drunk woman had an epiphany one drunken day. She thought to herself, how can I really stick it to those Trumpsters….’I know PEANUT BUTTER to the cars!’ So she smeared peanut butter on 30 vehicles outside a Monday night gathering in central Wisconsin. Just one MAJOR problem Christina Ferguson…it wasn’t a Donald Trump rally.


Ferguson invited herself to the Tomorrow River Conservation Club meeting in Amherst with a jar of peanut butter and began to scream about her hatred for Trump.

Ferguson, 32, left when asked to leave, but authorities said she then used peanut butter to write offensive symbols and profanity on vehicles outside.

She drew ‘phallic symbols,’ according to reporters.

Finally, it dawned on club members to head outdoors so they could ‘make sure she wasn’t doing anything to their vehicles after leaving’.

She was spotted spreading the food paste and going to an apartment complex by a man who contacted the sheriff’s office, the newspaper reported.

Ferguson said she spent the whole night at the apartment and licked her fingers during a conversation with a deputy, according to the report.
She reportedly later confessed to spreading the peanut butter.

Ferguson proudly stated that: ‘Peanut buttering is better than firebombing, and Trump plans on firebombing everybody in other countries,’.

Ferguson was misinformed that the meeting had been political and said sorry…that wouldn’t cut it for me, she needs to start washing some cars!

Chief Deputy Dan Kontos told reporters: ‘Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched.’

Authorities charged Ferguson with disorderly conduct but she was freed on bond. She blew .218 on a breathalyzer test, the report stated.

People have some serious issues! This just goes to show you how NUTS you have to be to vote for Hillary.



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