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Stephen King Disses Trump Supporters like You Won’t Believe [VIDEO]


Stephen King is a writer, and a rich and famous writer, he’s a celebrity. Being a celebrity if you guessed he’s a Hillary Clinton supporter you’d be right.

The most interesting thing about this post is that while King is a famous writer, his ability to write in Twitter is very limited. As a matter of fact, it sucks. Here’s a case in point.


Got that? Mister King is beating on the discredited meme that Donald Trump has a history of sexually harassing women. He obviously doesn’t read the papers, or maybe the papers he reads don’t cover the actual facts behind the news.

Donald Trump was accused by a woman of groping her in the first class section of an airplane in the 70s. She said he raised the armrest and groped her. It turns out that commercial airliners didn’t have movable armrests until about 10 years after the alleged incident. Chalk up one more Hillary Clinton lie.

Another woman came forward and accused Trump of misbehaving, and it turns out she’s a Hillary Clinton campaign staffer and knows Hillary. Oops. That would be two more Hillary Clinton lies.

Let’s think about this logically. If you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter you can stop reading right here, you don’t do logic. Donald Trump has been a very visible and high profile guy for about 50 years. Economically, his range is somewhere between rich and wealthy for all of those years. In other words, if he was running around groping women he’s a great target for high profile, high payoff, lawsuits.

All of a sudden four weeks before the presidential election these women start coming out of the woodwork. Sorry Hillary no sale.

Getting back to Stephen King, he got a quick painful lesson in being stupid on Twitter.


Stephen King and his celebrity friends can play dumb only want – they’re actually very good at it – and ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton is not only a serial enabler of a rapist, she has a long history of attacking and vilifying the women her husband raped. Remember “the great right-wing conspiracy”? A certain blue dress put an end to that Clinton lie.

You can crawl back in your hole now Stephen.


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