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Step Father Reveal Sick Secret In Jail….Police Discover Where Missing Daughter REALLY Is


Erica Parson’s was 13 when she was last seen. She was found this last week, but not in the shape most would hope for.

The body of this North Carolina teenager’s skeletal remains were positively identified as Erica Parsons. It’s unknown what prompted the father to confess in prison, but some say he was bragging about his exploits.

Erica was mentally challenged and for years her family took advantage of her for her benefits.


Information from a person close to the case helped investigators find the body, according to Brooks.

Her adoptive father, Sandy Parsons, had told investigators where to find her body, which was found near where his mother lived, the Charlotte Observer reported.
Erica’s stepmother told welfare authorities that she had gone to live with one of her sisters, and the inquiry was apparently closed.
That year, Erica had been sent to live with Casey Parson’s sister, Robin Ashley, because she ‘lost control’ and did not want to end up killing the girl, according to Ashley’s testimony.
Erica went on to live with Ashley a second time before her disappearance.

Ashley testified that Casey Parsons despised Erica’s birth mother, which was why she did not bond with the child.

‘She couldn’t stand to look at her face because she reminded her of Carolyn Parsons,’ Ashley testified.

After staying with Ashley, Erica returned to Casey and Sandy’s home in 2005.

The young girl was developmentally disabled and partially deaf, lived a life of horror in this family’s home.


Erica’s birth parents, Carolyn Parsons and Billy Dean Goodman,gave up their parental rights just before she was taken in by Casey and Sandy Parsons, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Carolyn Parsons had given up Erica, born on February 24, 1998, because she was unable to afford to raise her and did not want Erica to struggle as she had, living a life in homeless shelters and foster care.

How sad that this girl went from one sad situation to another, with the end of her life coming so soon at such a young age!


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