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Are You Smarter Than a First-Grader Who Tells Reporter Hillary is a Criminal? [VIDEO]


Donald Trump paid a visit to international Christian school in Las Vegas this week where he ran into five-year-old Annabelle Hilliard. Donald should be drafting Annabelle into his campaign.

Their meeting made the local news.

It obviously doesn’t take a Harvard graduate to figure out that Hillary Clinton is crooked. During the visit Annabelle cornered the local news reporter and said, “one of the ladies who wants to be president is actually bad. She steals.”

You watch the local news report. Do you think Annabelle looks anything but happy and excited? Well if you do that’s probably because you didn’t read the accompanying national media stories about her meeting with Donald.

The national media went out of their way to paint Annabelle’s reaction to Trump’s visit as though he frightened her.

The New York Daily News said, “some of the kids greeted the Republican with hello’s, one child was a little more stressed out.” The News went on to say, “’I’m nervous! I’m nervous!’ The worried child repeatedly whined,” about Annabelle’s meeting with Trump. They followed that up with images of Trump holding crying babies and then they asked, “Aren’t we all, kid?”

The story was covered across the media and coverage pretty much mirrored what the news had to say.

Don’t expect a correction anytime soon.


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