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Shocking Clip Reveals Two Teen Girls Brutally Attacking 61-Year-Old Man With A Cane!


A report has been filed over two teenage girls attacking a crippled old man with a cane in his front yard.

Police have arrested the girls who attacked him in Syracuse, New York.

The scuffle occurred when the man politely asked a group of teenagers, who were sitting on his lawn, to move. Of course, these entitled teenagers with a chip on their shoulders, took offense, (because that’s what the new “snowflake” generation does) and took matters into her own bony claws.

A cellphone video captured one girl punching the man in the face several times before cowardly making a run for it.


According to WSTM-TV the footage then shows a second girl spinning the man around as other youngsters laugh.
The man then chases after the teens down the street but quickly loses his balance and falls flat on his face, with his cane flying away from him as he stumbles onto the road.
He ended up suffering a black eye in the attack and is said to be recovering.

While the cruel nature of the attack is caught on video, it is not at all clear what happened in the moments before the record button was pressed.
According to police, the victim claims he told the youths who had been sitting in his front yard, to move. It was after he made the request that he was quickly attacked.

The clip of the encounter, recorded with a cell phone by a bystander, has since gone viral after being posted online and been viewed more than 1.1 million times on Facebook.


In fact, sources say that so many people have watched the offending footage around the world, that the man was contacted by relatives in Ireland who wanted to check on his welfare.

It’s been confirmed by police that they’ve since arrested two girls, aged 14 and 15, who will face third-degree assault charges.

In a startling revelation, reporters have told us that one of the girl’s mothers said her daughter would be punished and face the consequences. Oddly enough, the girl even has a conscience, well, supposedly. She claims her daughter wants to apologize to the man face-to-face. Do you believe her?



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