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Serial Killers Being Recruited and Trained by ISIS are Here:


ISIS leaders are actively recruiting ‘serial killers’ to terrorize the United States and Europe with random knife attacks.

An article in ISIS propaganda rag Rumiyah states that lone-wolf serial killers are being called upon to spill ‘the kafir’s blood’ and suggests a “campaign of knife attacks”

The leaders even give advice on what types of knives to use!

The Sun reports:

“They want their followers to buy a knife, slaughters innocents, then dispose of the knife and start over again.”

In an article in the terror group’s Rumiyah magazine they even give advice on what types of knives to use – suggesting striking in secluded places after dark to avoid detection, reports the Daily Express.

They urge would-be jihadis to overcome their squeamishness by using knives instead of guns – because it is easier to carry out large numbers of murders without getting caught.

ISIS chiefs believe random serial killer-style stabbings are almost impossible for security services to detect compared to shootings and bombings, which require coordination and specialist equipment.”

ISIS leaders are actively recruiting ‘serial killers’ to terrorize the United States and Europe with random knife attacks.

One leader states, “Many people are often squeamish of the thought of plunging a sharp object into another person’s flesh!”, but that “any such squirms and discomforts are never an excuse for abandoning jihad”

Sick! The religion of peace continues to prove just how peaceful it is! They are afraid of our freedom!

The problem is that we let it work…and work well!

The liberals do the EXACT same thing with gun murders and gun control. They use fear to accomplish the task of taking our freedoms!

We let them.

You cannot sanitize the world of it’s problems. Murder has been around since Cain and Abel. It will alsways be here. If we let it scare us into thinking we can stop it, and thus change our daily lives to do so, we will lose.

We overreach and play into their hands.If they cannot accomplish the goal, they give up. When they do accomplish their goal, they press on.

The same concept applies to kidnapping and bullying. When they win, they do more. When they fail to meet the objective, they stop!

I will not let them scare me!


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