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See Clip: Bill Clinton Smiles as Heckled ‘You’re a RAPIST’


There’s a massive amount of leftists who refuse to admit the truth about the Clintons. The word rapist get’s thrown around a lot with these people. I don’t know Bill thinks he is, but making people scared won’t get him very far. The truth always comes out eventually.

Why might you wonder does rape always get thrown into to the mix when it comes to this corrupt couple? Allow me to explain. It’s simple Bill is a rapist and Hillary looks the other way to climb up her political ladder.

If you scroll down below you can watch an exclusive interview with Juanita Brodderick for more proof.

However, while the media tries to cover it up as best they can, the people have had enough…

The potential First Gentleman was speaking to a crowd in Milwaukee as part of the campaign to elect his wife, Hillary, when he was interrupted by the man – believed to be a Trump supporter.
He began his sentence, saying: “No one can dispute the fact…”
But as he took pause the raucous member of the crowd shouted: “that you’re a rapist”.


Two points to the heckler for perfect comedic timing. Bravo.

The former world leader looked visibly shaken at first, turning towards the heckler and saying “oh yeah?” before turning to the rest of the crowd and breaking into a chuckle.

Could you imagine a conservative chuckling after being called a rapist?! Umm…on I personally can’t.

So instead of a biased post about Clinton let’s take a look at black and white facts, shall we?

Take a look at Juanita Broaddrick’s interview with Steven Crowder, her story is chilling, beyond that she’s been afraid to come forward for years. Juanita has absolutely NOTHING to gain coming forward, watch the details below.

It’s sad that most young American’s, including myself for a while, were completely unaware of Bill’s storied relationship with rape. Most millennials think he was a mere philanderer. Let’s make sure everyone hears the truth.


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