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Scandalous Memo Leaked By Hillary Haters, Shows Clinton Was Given EXACT…


Hillary Clinton is anything but normal, so naturally she has a very hard time relating to normal people. But THIS?! Hillary was given the questions, word for word, that she was going to receive on the steve Harvey show, so she could practice her lines beforehand.

Who would have guessed that she was an actress too? I certainly wouldn’t have…she’s stiff, awkward, cold-hearted, and extremely dishonest.
Those aren’t exactly qualities that serve hopeful politicians very well.

Lucky for her, her campaign team knows this and they have been doing everything they can to fabricate the idea that Hillary is a likable people person who enjoys the company of others. But anyone can see right through her pathetic attempt to be a saint.


By now you may have heard about how she was caught using a child actor at a rally and now she has gotten caught completely staging an interview with Steve Harvey.

Now there’s more…

From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton was provided the exact questions she would be asked by daytime talk show host Steve Harvey, according to a report.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that according to a leaked memo it obtained, the Clinton campaign was sent all questions one week by the program before the interview between Clinton and Harvey on Feb. 17.

Questions included were about Clinton’s granddaughter, the former secretary of State’s pizza preferences (thin crust versus deep dish) and her support of gun control policies.

“Please note that the tone of the show is generally light so even on policy questions, Steve won’t go too deep into details,” the memo read.

The campaign and the Harvey’s producers also coordinated on which parts of Clinton’s biography would be introduced and how..

Hmmm appears a tad dishonest don’t you think?

Since the audience doesn’t know when an interview is staged like this, I’m betting the odds are they wouldn’t be too thrilled about it.

This is just usual Hillary activity, though.


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