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Right When Hurricane Hits BLM Activists Have A Secret Surprise Waiting For White Folks…


When any kind of natural disaster strikes, there’s a huge panic when the public hears about a hurricane coming. This time, it’s not the eye of the storm that people are worried about. It’s the black lives activists

Usually, people don’t get excited like Santa Clause is coming to town when they here a storm is headed their way. But…we do live in a time when our black president supports racism. So should this be too hard to expect?

While a few wise people are preparing to be protected during the storm, others are callously trying to take advantage of the situation by going on looting sprees.

The extreme weather event is so close to launching a “potentially catastrophic” Category 5 siege on Florida’s east coast before stretching into Georgia and South Carolina, but some are more concerned about how they can hijack the chaos to commit criminal acts.


A quick Twitter search reveals dozens of messages posted by Americans living in or near the affected areas that brazenly talk about the opportunity for looting that the hurricane will provide.
“God Please let this hurricane hit us so I can do some looting,” tweeted one user.
“So we looting after the hurricane? I do need a new TV & iPhone and some clothes,” added another.


“Ready for hurricane Matthew to hit so I can start looting,” remarked another.
When asked if they would be looting, one Twitter user responded, “yep, but in white neighborhoods.”
An analysis of the Twitter accounts shows that many of them are sympathetic towards ‘Black Lives Matter’ – supporters of which have used BLM protests as an excuse to carry out mass looting in Ferguson, Baltimore and most recently Charlotte.

Is it just me or has society gone downhill fast in recent years? People used to help each other when disasters struck. That’s when communities pulled together the most, they helped one another. How have we descended so far? Instead of helping, people are looting!


A few of the accounts featured anti-Donald Trump posts on top of tweets complaining about racism and “cultural appropriation”.

It should go without saying that these kind of tweets are an absolute disgrace – over a hundred people have already died in Haiti as a result of the hurricane – but they are par for the course when it comes to BLM supporters and leftists in general.

Take a look at some of these mind-blowing tweets below…



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