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Rick Warren’s Wife Kay Attacks Freedom In Facebook Post! Outrages Fans!


Kay Warren, the Wife of Saddleback Church Preacher Rick Warren, attacked a Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween attraction and your freedom to ride it in a Facebook post and her fans are not happy!

She told Knott’s to take down an attraction for Fright Fest because it includes a psychiatric ward with a demonic patient. It is offensive to people with mental issues ya know!

Knott’s has caved to pressure and closed the attraction. After a LOT of discussion, Kay still does not understand that it is not her job to request my right to ride that ride be shut down.

I messaged Kay with this response: Liberals make the same argument against Christianity that you made against Knott’s Berry Farm.

I have three beautiful nieces that I am raising. EVERY day I pray they continue to have the freedom of religion. We have a 1st Amendment for the things we do not like or agree with…not puppy dogs and butterflies!

There are some simple basic (and Biblical) principles at play here.

Number one: “You cannot, nor would you want to, sanitize the world of its problems.” God made man with the ability to err for a reason! We grow through the rough times, not when life flies easy. THAT is why we have the guarantees of freedom in the first place. The founders knew that life has bad to it sometimes. People do not always make the right decisions. But we are FREE to do so!

Kay Warren, the Wife of Saddleback Church Preacher Rick Warren, attacked a Knott's Berry Farm Halloween attraction and your freedom to ride it in a Facebook post and her fans are not happy!

Kay has the right to not go! She does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to try to make it so that I CANNOT GO! SHAMEFUL! She has the right to state her opinion, and I would fight to my death for her right to say what she did! But what she asked for, and got, was totally against the foundational concept of this country: Freedom and Liberty!

Kay also made a HORRIFIC comparison! She compared real mental patients with demon possessed zombies! Bad move! There were a few comments in Social Media from people with mental issues who were rather offended at that comparison. She continues to state that it was not her message. It was not her “message”, it was the context of the situation that made that analogy.

The Knott’s attraction was about fictional demon possessed crazies. Kay Warren was offended for the mentally ill. She can reword all she wants. The basic context DOES NOT CHANGE!

Rick backed up the basic premise! He called it “a ride that stereotyped & stigmatized mental illness”. No Kay you cannot revise what was blatantly obvious.

Kay still does not understand that we do not stifle freedom in this country because someone or something “offends” someone else. Kay and Rick BEST BE WEARY! Christianity offends MANY MORE than were offended by Knott’s Halloween attraction. This is another BASIC concept. It is not rocket science!!!

The last problem I have with Kay’s insanity is that now she has labeled the mentally ill with the stigma of playing the victim! You do not see the mentally ill protesting this! It is only crazies like Kay Warren protesting this! I would imagine not ONE mentally ill person even thought such a thing!

…and then Kay Warren, where do we stop? American Horror Story because it had a whole season in an asylum? How about Psycho!!! How about Jimmy Stewart in the movie Harvey!!!!

Well Kay… I will tell you where it does not stop….It does not stop until it hits Christianity. You walked down the only road there is to stifle Christianity. It offends MANY!!!

MANY would love no more than to destroy Christianity. As a Gospel Preacher, I find THAT VERY offensive Kay Warren! So apologize and do some critical thinking before you ever walk down this road again.

Go to the post and see the responses. OVERWHELMINGLY in disagreement thankfully!

And SHAME on you Rick… for backing her up on this very dangerous road! I expected better from you! We don’t close things down because they stereotype & stigmatize. We just do not go.

You have both SEVERELY offended me. I will refrain from asking you to shut yourselves down! #JustSayin!


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