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Proof That ISIS Is a Threat to You in Your Own Neighborhood


ISIS, in a new magazine, is encouraging terrorists to embrace knives as their weapon of choice in jihad. In their last issue they encourage terrorists to target teams playing sports after school or flower sellers on the street.


The strategy is simple these Muslim butchers want to create an atmosphere of fear everywhere you go. That’s what terrorism is all about. That’s what being a Muslim is all is about.

“Many people are often squeamish at the thought of plunging a sharp object into another person’s flesh. It’s a discomfort caused by the untamed, inherent dislike for pain and death, especially after “modernization” distanced males from partaking in the slaughtering of livestock for food and the striking of the enemy in war. However, any such squirms in discomfort are never an excuse for abandoning jihad.”

The magazine article is advising Muslim terrorists to target small crowds or someone walking late at night. They consider public parks to be an ideal target area. The article encourages them to plan their attacks so that they can “attain a reasonable kill count,” and bear in mind, the more gruesome the attack, the closer one comes to achieving the desired objective” and that is terror.


The attack last month by a knife wielding terrorist in a Minnesota shopping mall is a perfect example of this tactic. The attacker, a Somali security guard at the mall, waded into a crowd of people at Sears and started slashing. A half a dozen were injured and an off-duty police officer shot and killed the Muslim terrorist.

Everyone who knew the terrorist was shocked, he was such a good religious boy.

Every time you see one of the stories remember that Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are staying up late at night finding ways to move these people – these terrorists – into your neighborhood. Not their neighborhoods, yours.


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