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Proof Hillary Clinton Disclosed Classified Details of Bin Laden Raid in Secret Wall Street Speech


Everyone knows that the Obama Department of Justice and FBI Director James: Comey conspired with the Clinton Crime Family to give Hillary a walk on her relationship with classified information. Comey insisted that Clinton and her staff were simply “extremely careless.”

Turns out, based on emails that have been released about her secret speeches to Wall Street bankers that netted her millions of dollars she may have disclosed classified details of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.


In 2013, to a speech to a Toronto business organization Hillary said, “I was in the small group that recommended to the president go after bin Laden.

“The amount of work that was required to get a strong enough basis of information on which to plan took more than a decade… And then all of a sudden putting this matrix together and saying, ‘this guy used to protect bin Laden – he’s just made a phone call. He said this in the phone call. We need to figure out where he is. Then we need to follow him.’

“And that’s how we found this compound in Pakistan.”

The full transcripts of Clinton’s big-money speeches Wall Street years have not been made public so it’s difficult to tell with any precision the level of classified information that Hillary released.

WikiLeaks apparently has a lot more Clinton staff emails that they’re going to dribble out the biggest problem with that is that they are ignored by the major media – Democratic operatives with bylines.

One of the biggest reasons I’m praying for Donald Trump win on November 8 this is one-liner at Sunday night’s debate aimed that Hillary. “… you’ll be in jail.” I don’t think there’s anybody on the face of the earth that deserves serious jail time more than the entire Clinton Crime Family.


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