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Project Veritas: How to Commit VOTER Fraud on a Mass Scale!!!


You really didn’t have any doubt did you? The only way that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are going to beat Donald Trump IS through voter fraud. The fact that someone like Hillary Clinton can even run for office, that still amazes me after all the corruption and scandals she has had. But here we are.

Project Veritas has done some great work at undercovering the real truth behind Hillary Clinton and all her campaign strategies. We already know Hillary Clinton ordered “ducks on the ground” at all the Donald Trump rallies. We also know the DNC, Democracy Partners, and Clinton’s campaign worked together to coordinate and incite riots using paid protesters at the Trump rallies and events as well.

But what about this?

Here’s the Commissioner for the Board of Elections in New York City, Alan Schulkin, featured on a Project Veritas video saying that the Democratic Committee has engaged in a lot of voter fraud.

That’s right! They bus people around from poll site to poll site.

The buses move around minority neighborhoods of all races – Blacks and Hispanics, and even Chinese.

According to Schulkin, the Democrats use that strategy to “get more votes” because they are all “running for office”.

In New York, Schulkin states that they don’t have voter ID laws. He goes on to say that “no you can’t, you cannot ask […] you can’t ask for voter ID”.  People aren’t required to show and ID and anyone from anywhere can vote for them. Schulkin even admits voter fraud of absentee ballots reached into the thousands!

Here’s a Democrat, Commissioner for the Board of Elections in NYC admitting that voter fraud exists on a very large scale, but there’s nothing he can do about it. In fact, he doesn’t even support it or like it, but he goes along with it. This IS the Democratic Party. This IS winning at all costs! This IS FRAUD!

But did you really think that Hillary Clinton could win an election without rigging the polls or committing mass voter fraud? Come on!




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Nancy Hayes

Nancy Hayes is a Digital Media Specialist and Conservative, Grassroots Activist. Over the past 6 years - she has worked on 31 campaigns nationwide. She has been involved in several key elections, including Ted Cruz for President and Herman Cain for President. She has served in such positions as Social Media Specialist, Phone Bank Director, State Director of Volunteers, and Grassroots Activist. Stay involved! Stay inspired! Stay educated! #TeamJoe #PJNET #CruzCrew #GOHTeam


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