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“All the President’s Women”: Including the Vice-President’s Daughter? You betcha’


The stories just get crazier and now we discover Bill Clinton had an affair with a Vice-President’s daughter and it made Monica Lewinsky furious.

It is reported that Eleanor, daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale, kept a diary that detailed her romantic encounters with Bill Clinton.

This affair reportedly made Monica Lewinsky furious because Monica thought she was Bill’s only mistress at the time.

The stories just get crazier and now we discover Bill Clinton had an affair with a Vice President’s daughter and it made Monica Lewinsky furious. women

The full list of Bill Clinton affairs with women may never be fully known, but he makes JFK look like a saint!

The Enquirer claims to have evidence it was in the thousands of women. Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault or harassment by at least 10 women.

It has been recently reported that Bobbie Ann Williams, a black prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas, passed two lie detector tests proclaiming that Clinton is the father of her illegitimate son, Danny, in 1997.

According to Arkansas State Trooper Buddy, in 1983 he drove Clinton and Williams (along with her sister Lucille Bolton) to his mother’s home for a sex orgy.

In 1984, Bobbie Ann had a baby boy she named Danny. Clinton has refused to take a blood test to confirm or deny the allegation.

The stories just go on. The news media continues to remain silent.

Just to name a few of the women:

Juanita Broaddrick | Kathleen Willey | Paula Jones | Sandra Allen James | Eileen Wellstone | Christy Zercher | Carolyn Moffet | Helen Dowdy | Becky Brown | Regina Blakely Hopper | Monica Lewinsky | Elizabeth Ward Gracen | Gennifer Flowers | Connie Hamzy | Dolly Kyle Browning | Sally Miller (Sally Perdue) | Lencola Sullivan

The media is all over Donald Trump right now and he did do a lot of bragging about women. He chronicles his affairs in his books. But the media has willfully and purposely covered up Bill Clinton’s proclivities to the fullest.

The legacy of Bill Clinton will be defined as the antithesis of the fine husband Ronald Reagan was to Nancy. Boy I sure wish we had him back!



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