POSTAL WORKER Brags On Social Media About Destroying Trump Ballots

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An Ohio man, who boasted about being a postal worker, bragged on social media this weekend about destroying Donald Trump absentee ballots.

Twitter user, Randygdub, said:


WOW. He actually bragged about it!

Obviously, Republican users were outraged to see this leftist brag about his criminal activity.

Actor Scott Baio tweeted this out on the alleged crime:


Do you think authorities will follow up on this? Probably not. To make mattters worse, the left says this story is a joke. Because, apparently stealing elections is funny.

We know liberals don’t fight fair, but this is seriously shameful! Any of you who vote by mail may want to rethink how you’re going to vote. This brings corruption to a new low. Liberals are acting like spoiled children who arn’t getting their way, they’ll fight dirty to get what they want at any cost. Last time I checked tampering with mail was a federal offense is it not? This guy should be sitting in jail with no get out of jail free card.

That’s where cheaters go, do not pass go, dont collect $200. If we’re lucky maybe this mailman and Hillary Clinton will become friends in prison very soon…

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