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‘Plus Size’ You Tuber Demands Disney Design Fat Princesses. No Joke…



PLEASE NO! I’ve got nothing against overweight people, but, as much as I think personality matters most, we all still have eyes, do we not? And it is very unsightly to have to look at lumps and rolls while enjoying a movie. Do we want our children to grow thinking that obesity is beautiful? I dare say, NO.

For one it really isn’t healthy, if you don’t believe me, believe the doctors.
Disney has been facing butt loads of demands lately (AKA NEW TARGET: Leftists Push for Gay Couple in Children’s ‘Finding Dory’…). Everyone and their grandma wants Disney princesses to “represent” them. So the studio scrambled to meet these demands and included more racial diversity into its characters. Problem solved! But not really…

The latest gripe against the company comes from YouTuber Loey Lane (see This Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Girl’ Strips Down to Prove a Point. Misses HUGE Irony…). She’s calling on Disney to fatten up its princesses, because she was teased for being fat as a kid… Or something. See, the skinny characters hurt her feelings, so Disney should make up for it. Throw in a few royal chublets. For the children, of course.

Look, nobody’s saying Loey has to like Slenderella and her skinny friends. But if she’d prefer more portly princesses, why doesn’t she create them herself? And that brings us to the heart of the issue. SJWs, like Loey, don’t offer solutions to their gripes, but instead simply complain and tell everyone else what to do (see Liberals Criticize Tyler Perry for Casting White People…). So until they start creating their own solutions to these “problems…”


Also, let’s remember Disney deals in fantasy. Its latest revival movement, bringing animated classics to “live action” films tells us just how much audiences love the classics. Unless my math is wrong, there have been two live action adaptations (Cinderella and The Jungle Book) with the upcoming Beauty and the Beast slated for 2017. Yes, these remakes also mean Hollywood is out of ideas. Old news. But Disney is still dealing in fiction and fantasy. They’re marketing to an audience they know will buy tickets. It’s no accident they chose beloved classics to remake. Two of those classics feature “princesses.” I use quotation marks because in each instance, Cinderella and Belle married into their princess status, no? They went from ordinary girls into royalty.

Stick with me, this is important.

Disney=fantasy. Girls who want to be princesses aspire for the romance of being a princess. They want the glamour. They want the love. The excitement of a prince. And maybe, just maybe, the beauty.


The reason there hasn’t been a fat princess heretofore is because young girls don’t want to be fat princesses. They want to be princesses. Who are traditionally thin.

Incidentally, the princes these cartoon women are marrying? They’re not fatties either. From Prince Charming to the “street urchin” Aladdin, the Disney men aren’t exactly slumming it. In fact they’re rather hunky, yes? Here’s looking at you, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. But Loey Lane isn’t campaigning for balding princes. She’s not asking for beer-gutted kings. So while feminists are ignoring travesties in Islam, they’re actively campaigning for more realistic Disney princesses, without bothering to ask for “realistic” princes. No one is pointing to Prince Charles and saying “Behold, a real prince.” Just saying.

You know why? Because Disney, like the rest of Hollywood, is modeling what the rest of us want to see: PRETTY PEOPLE. Because it’s a FANTASY. No one, I repeat no one, fantasizes about being a fat person. So why should Disney alter its winning formula just because Loey shops in the plus department?
It shouldn’t, and hopefully it won’t. Just because someone doesn’t fit the formula, doesn’t mean the formula should be altered.

Most of us don’t want to see, what are supposed to be pretty little disney charachters, “rockin the beer gut” as they call it. That’s just not the kind of thing we want our children to look up to. So, to all of the leftists who care about hurt feelings and acceptance, we say, get over it, or lose the extra cookie weight.


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