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PHOTO From Hillary’s Childhood Surfaces – Proves She’s Been Lying All Along!


Hillary Clinton has been trying vigilantly for quite some time now to convince voters that she is relatable to everyday Americans.

The Democratic nominee wants to convince the public that she’s “just like you and me,” which is a bit like expecting your teenager to continue believing in Santa Claus after they’ve already caught you stuffing their stocking during the wee hours of Christmas morning…

Part of Clinton’s strategy to come off as “relatable” has been to cast Donald Trump in a negative light for supposedly being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, all while she came from modest means… or so she claims.

Now, a photo of the former Secretary of State’s childhood home has surfaced, and it proves that her “humble beginnings” line is all smoke and mirrors.

Hillary’s family was wealthy enough to buy a two-story home in the upscale Chicago suburb of Park Ridge for $660,000 cash in the 1950s. The 2,500 square foot estate was more than twice the size of the average American home at the time and would sell for millions today. However, Hillary would have you believe she was the daughter of a man who ran a modest drapery business…

Does this home look like it belongs to someone who struggles with the same financial obstacles as everyday Americans?

Hillary Clinton has been trying vigilantly for quite some time now to convince voters that she is relatable to everyday Americans.

I think not.

Not only was her family home lavish, but Hillary was treated to one of the best – and most expensive – educations in the country. She was sent to the Wellesley College for girls before going on to obtain a degree from Yale University. Not exactly your middle class background…

It certainly is no surprise at this point to hear Hillary has lied, yet again. That’s just what she does. She has built a career on deception and manipulation, and still, millions of disillusioned Americans will vote for her.

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