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Picture Of Football Player Goes Viral Once Cops See What He Did To Our Flag


A high school football player from Licking Heights, Ohio was recently photographed in full uniform when he made his entrance onto the field.

This young high schooler never expected his photo to go viral on social media, but when the crowd at the game and police officers caught wind of the picture they were so shocked by what was captured in it that the photo spread like a disease!


His name is L.A. Kelly II, and his passion is football; he’s a player for the Licking Heights football team. When Black Lives Matter activists started bullying police this kid saw first hand the kind of sacrifices his father and other officers have to make on a daily basis.

In retaliation against the rising hatred that the Black Lives Matter movement, he asked his coach if he could do something special, yet very controversial, at one of their games to honor law enforcement officers.

However, when the teen stepped on the field that night to honor his father and every other police officer across our nation, people were left in awe by what the boy had planned. As he walked on the field, he carried a thin blue line American flag to honor our men and women in blue.


A photo of the athlete with the flag has since been shared on the Ohio Going Blue, where it has gone viral. “What an awesome young man with a bright future!” the post read. “Thank you to all involved for allowing our law enforcement officers to be recognized by our youth.”


Lately, it seems there aren’t a lot of people, who give respect when respect is deserved, especially teens or young adults. Can you think of very many young people who would take the time out of their lives to honor someone who deserves it? Honor and integrity are one of the many values that are becoming extinct in today’s society.

How ironic that members of BLM want people to show them respect when they show none in return. They’d like people across the nation to believe officers don’t deserve any kind of tribute for what they do.

Rare instances like what this young man just did, prove that our nation still has a fighting chance against their hate filled rhetoric.

Let’s teach our children that police officers aren’t the bad guys that the media makes them out to be. Instead, ensure they grow up to show respect and adoration to our men and women in blue.


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