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PARKINSON’S EXPERT: Hillary had MULTIPLE Tremors in the 1st Debate. [VIDEO]


Dr. Ted Noel, a Parkinson’s expert, says that to an expert eye, Hillary did not skate the health issue during the debate as most people assume! She had multiple “pill rolling” tremors.

Josh Bernstein interviewed Dr. Noel recently on the Josh Bernstein Show.

“While we were all fixated on hand signals, teleprompters, Lester Holt, interruptions,ear pieces, and strange people walking up and removing things from the podiums 99.9% of Americans including myself missed Hillary’s Parkinson’s related Tremors.”

Dr. Ted Noel, a Parkinson's expert, says that to an expert eye, Hillary did not skate the health issue during the debate as most people assume!

In this EXPLOSIVE interview, Dr. Ted Noel he points out:
–How and why Hillary was able to stand for 90 minutes without coughing.
–Where the tremors occurred
–what is a “pill rolling” tremor
–Why her eyes go crossed eyed and a LOT more.

Dr. Ted Noel is a highly respected renown expert on Parkinson’s disease. He has dissected along with his medical team at least 5 occasions where Hillary Clinton had “pill rolling” Parkinson’s related tremors. I am providing the links and the time stamps for you all to see them for yourselves. Please SHARE this VIDEO EVERYWHERE. It is way past the time that Hillary Clinton comes clean with her health issues.

Note that during the debate:

17 mins to 18 mins-right and left hand tremors
35 minutes-pill rolling tremor
54 minutes-pill rolling tremor
1hr 7mins-pill rolling tremor
1hr 22min to 1hr 24min-eye darting/crossed eyed

H/T Josh Bernstein

Hillary is sick. That is indisputable. From her uncontrollable coughing to her freezing up on stage, we have more than enough evidence.

She is AWOL again as we speak preparing for the next debate. That fits perfectly with Dr. Noel’s explanation on how she needs to stay off the meds a few days in order for them to last the duration of the next debate. I have consistently said what we are not seeing has got to be worse than what has been caught on camera.

Will it be enough to take her down? We will see!




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