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OUCH: Joe Biden Caught On Video, Reveals What People Really Think Of Hillary In Big Slip-Up


This just further proves what a giant idiot Joe Biden really is.

Vice President Joe Biden has taken to the campaign trail on Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s behalf, and it’s highly likely that Clinton just may come to regret it.

In Pennsylvania, a key battleground state in the coming election, Biden made a bit of a big blunder, he spoke before he thought and it was certainly cringe-worthy.

He appeared tell a joke: “I know, I mean — no one ever doubts what I say. The problem is sometimes I say all that I mean,” …EPIC FAIL.

“But I know some of you, and some of the people you are trying to convince aren’t crazy about Hillary,” he continued. “I know that, ok. I think she’s got an unfair deal, but that’s the truth of the matter.”

He is correct, is he not? Clinton’s gotten a very unfair deal this election season.

She has gotten to ride on Air Force One on campaign business, a little perk that you only get when the current president, who doesn’t care about the rules, endorces you.

He told CBS news that “The guests on Air Force One, in particular, are the politicians who are running for office, and often find it very valuable to be seen in getting on and off Air Force One with the president because it shows that person is connected to the most powerful person in the country,”

That hardly seems fair.Does this seem fair to you?! NO.

And we can’t forget that giant elephant in the room Hillary wishes would dissapear as fast as Bill’s rape victims, the FBI investigation, which ended twithout prosecution. Despite the fact that it was abundantly clear that Clinton’s actions with regard to the handling of classified material had been very, very wrong.

I challenge any liberal to try and deny that GOP nominee Donald Trump would have gotten off the hook in a similar situation.

So, yes, Hillary Clinton has been treated EXTREMLY UNFAIRLY! It’s a shame that liberals play so dang dirty.


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