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ONE MILLION DEMOCRATS Have Switched To TRUMP And Here’s Why…Trumpocrats!


The most ironic thing about the Trump supporters is how diverse they are.

Tens of thousands of Democrats hate Hillary Clinton just as much as she hates ordinary Americans.

They don’t believe the crap that spills out of her mouth, it obvious that she won’t provide the changes America needs like Trump has said many times, she’s been in the White House fo how long, and she’s only caused major damage.

They can see right past her fake smile, they know who Hillary is… a liar.

Many previously loyal Democrats are breaking their lifelong voting streak to support Trump.

A former Democrat, Christian Rickers, spoke about the movement, and why they made the switch:

Good for these people, let’s hope that more liberals wake up and see Hillary for what she really is, a murderer and a liar.

I’m still a little concerned about the rigged election. And let’s not forget that illegals, felons, refugees, anti-Trump Republicans, freeloaders, and dead people will vote. But, hey, if all this is too depressing, then this guy’s always good for a laugh!


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