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Obama Loses Again on Amnesty [VIDEO]


President Obama has been doing everything in his power for last seven years to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, after all, they’re just Democratic voters in hiding.

At one point Obama used executive action to dictate that illegal immigrant parents be granted amnesty. In other words, if a woman illegally crossed the border from Mexico and had a baby on U.S. soil the baby is considered to be a U.S. citizen. Obama was trying to grant amnesty to the mother and, if he could be found, the father.

This executive action is in violation of current immigration law. Obama had taken on himself, once again, to act as the legislative branch in addition to being the executive branch.

Greg Abbott, then Attorney General of Texas and now governor of Texas, filed a lawsuit challenging the executive order and 26 states joined the fight. An injunction was issued stopping Obama’s executive action in Federal District Court, and then it was upheld in the fifth circuit court in November 2015.

This week the Supreme Court heard an appeal and in a 4-4 vote they left the Fifth Circuit’s decision stand. For the moment, amnesty for illegal aliens – at least this class of illegal aliens – is off the table.

The president’s feelings were hurt.

If Hillary Clinton is elected you can bet she will nominate someone to the Supreme Court who makes Karl Marx look like Barry Goldwater and amnesty will rule the day.

Remember that on November 8. A vote for Hillary Clinton – or not voting for Donald Trump – ensures 15 million illegals in will be Democratic voters by the midterm elections in 2018 and another 30 to 40 million family members of these new Democratic voters will be on the voter rolls by 2020.


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