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BREAKING: Obama Gives Away U.S. Control Of Internet and CHAOS Sets in!


Today there were 2 major UNPRECEDENTED attacks on the Internet just a few days after Obama gave away U.S. control of it.

Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, and Reddit, as well as many other internet services were disrupted and the attack affected most of the Eastern U.S. as well as much of Texas.

The Domain Name System (DNS) isn’t something that most users understand, but the Internet simply cannot work without it.

We knew this would be a catastrophe when it was decided and Ted Cruz tried hard to stop it.

RedState reports:

This is a great reminder of why President Obama’s Internet handover plans are so threatening to our way of life.

Probable foreign attackers effectively took thousands of companies off of the Internet today by attacking a major Domain Name Service (DNS) provider: Dyn. This two-hour outage surely cost many people, very much money.

What is DNS, and why is it so important? Put simply, DNS is the system that tells people how to find you online. It converts the names of servers and sites, into numbers that the Internet Protocol can find. It’s an essential service of the commercial Internet.

And yet Barack Obama is trying to hand control of DNS over to the Chinese and the Russians. Ted Cruz has been warning people about this, and so have I. People tend to tune it out, because it sounds like a very technical, obscure issue that isn’t very important.

This is just another example of Obama working treasonously hard to weaken the United States and the Republican politicians refusing to fight against it.

When the world begins to start censoring the internet as many world bodies already do, we are done! Obama knows that and that is his goal.

Freedom and liberty rely on the ability to communicate truth. Socialistic bondage requires silencing of individuals to survive. That is a basic.

Just give it time! We are headed down a very dangerous road.




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