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NRA Points Out The Obvious To Kim Kardashian, But When She Hears The Truth…


Kim Kardashian West dominated headlines after the robbery that left her heart racing. She was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room by a group of armed men dressed as police officers.

Though Kim’s spokesperson has since confirmed she’s unharmed, she admitted that she was “badly shaken” by the incident.

Her Brains Must Have Really Been Scrambled After What She Has To Say Following The Attack…

The reality star has been vocal about her stance on guns in America:

She even recently said at the BlogHer conference in Los Angeles:

“I am just terrified of everything. I am so paranoid, so afraid. It’s just such high anxiety. There’s something when you have two kids, you just, I don’t know. So yes, I’ve definitely become more aware. I’ve definitely spoken out more as far as definitely gun control. I just want to be super protective of my kids so I have felt that need.”

Afterward, the National Rifle Association (NRA) made a few witty remarks on twitter…Kim wasn’t too keen on the advice she was given, no one likes to admit their wrong, especially liberals.


In France, there is no right to bear arms.

If you do happen to own a gun for hunting or sports purposes, you need a license that must be “repeatedly renewed and requires a psychological evaluation.”

They are trying their best to make it very difficult for people to protect themselves. If Kim had been armed and trained she wouldn’t have felt so helpless.

The recent terror attacks in Nice and Paris further prove the NRA’s main argument, which is that stricter gun laws, much like ones in France, aren’t the answer at all to combating gun violence in America. It only strengthens criminals because it makes their victims weak and powerless. People who break the law are not going to follow the law when it comes to gun control.


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